Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Endless Journey From Chibok Is Yet To Bring Our Girls Home

by Benson Agoha | Opinion

It was 564 days since Boko Haram invaded a Hostel in Chibok and abducted some 275 girls, so the recent protest by #BringBackOurGirls was no surprise.

570 days and we are still on our journey from Chibok, although a few days ago, the notorious leader of Boko Haram and one that tops the list of 100 wanted terrorists in Nigeria, Abubarkar Shekau, was reportedly seen on the Streets of the Federal Capital Territory, unmolestedly walking alongside a `powerful' ex-government official.

The past days have been those of endless campaigns, and hopes, and dashed hopes. Hopes that the next news, just the very next one, that will emanate from the war against Boko Haram, will be about the Chibok girls - and that it will be a good one. So far that has not happened, not even after Shekau was seen in Abuja on the 31st October, 2015.

Since April 2014 when the world rose to the horror of the news, it is hard to imagine how those in authority would have managed to rationalize their apparent slow response to this atrocity.

On the day the news of abduction broke, there had been a bomb attack the previous day. Boko Haram had bombed the bus station in Nyanya as a decoy to divert attention from their next plot for Chibok that same evening.

So day and night brought no good news, but lots of bad news. The bus station attack killed 73 persons and left hundreds with several degrees of injury when a suicide bomber detonated his device at the Bus Park in Nyanya, Abuja.

Besides the deaths, 16 luxury buses and 24 mini buses, involved in long distance inter-city travels were also razed at the garage during the attack. Nigerians expected to hear on that day that their President, former President Goodluck Jonathan, had cut short all engagements to attend to the urgency of the issue.

Instead, as Nigerian's vent their anger on social media, the President was photographed in Ibadan, celebrating the 100 years of the Olubadan of Ibadan.

The next thing, The Olubadan, HRH Oba Dr. Samuel Odulana Odugade, The First, issued a statement that the President was with him - safe in his Palace.

No one could have accused the former President of lack of care, but it took several months for the government to decisively activate a fight-back against Boko Haram. In fact, it was in the final months of his administration, fueled by the warning from Defence HeadQuarters that unless, the election was postponed, the Military could not guarantee voters' safety.

Until that time, the terror group had been involved in endless cross-boarder skirmishes and deadly incursions into private and public territories within and outside of Nigeria's borders - including military barracks and police stations. It had no respect for constituted authority and appeared determined to humiliate the Nigerian leadership.

570 days later, there has been a change of government, the story has changed substantially and Boko Haram has been weakened to a point where Abubarkar Shekau could walk the streets of Abuja, in daylight and not one pursued him.

Anyone who knows Nigeria will have difficulty understanding how this could have happened, seeing that it is a country where belief in jungle justice is still rife.

That 570 days on, even with Shekau's physical presence on the streets of FCT, there still will be no news or trace of the girls, beggars belief. Nor are we even exactly sure how many of them reman unaccounted for.

Day by day, one cannot but remember the similarity between the victims of Chibok and lates journalists Chris ImodibIe and Tayo Awotunsin, both of whom were caught up in the Liberian war when, against international norm, Charles Taylors men invaded the diplomatic premises to kill thousand of civilians that took refuge there.

Nigerians hoped endlessly for the best - that the journalists will surface somehow, someday, with tails of having been sheltered by a kind Liberian or smuggled out of Liberia by some lucky means. But, with each passing day, hopes were dimmed. Until the bombshell dropped. Charles Taylor announced he had asked his men to search for the journalists but could confirm they had been killed.

Nigerians don't forget and won't forget the Chibok girls - like they didn't forget Chris ImodibIe and Tayo Awotunsin.

When Charles Taylor was granted asylum by for President Obasanjo's government, Nigerians revolted in protest, with the Liberian war fresh in their minds - that was until he was repatriated to the International Court of Justice at the Hague. In 2012, Charles Taylor was found guilty of war crimes against humanity, and jailed for 50 years.

As the #BringBackOurGirls protest rekindled, those who expressed shock at the sight of Abubarkar Shekau in Abuja in recent weeks without instant revolt by Nigerians, may yet need to chill. Nemesis will yet come calling, and right on its heal, will be justice.

* Photos Credit: via Dr. Oby Ezekwesili on Twitter.


* Benson Agoha is a Spiritual Rights Campaigner
and Founder of Woolwich Online

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Another Case That Calls For Spiritual Terrorism Control Laws

by Benson Agoha | Opinion 

South African Preacher Who Fed His Congregation Snakes Must Be Recognised As A Spiritual Terrorist

Africans say they are spiritual - more spiritual in fact they claim than other races. It will remain contestable, but when this pastor, known for doing strange and weird things - fed his members with snakes, authorities knew it was time to act.

Reports out of South Africa says the preacher, who seen in the photo above feeding his congregation snake was been arrested by the police.

The inability of authorities to act against such men who commit atrocious activities against the vulnerable have been largely due to the fact such activities have not been recognised as a part of the evil called `spiritual terrorism.'

Spiritual terrorism is one huge challenge for every government, largely because it is the action of man.

In previous articles, I have argued and explained why a great majority of what happens `mysteriously' to people are caused `physically' by others or themselves, hiding and indulging in activities they are potentially dangerous to society.

Spiritual terrorism is defined simply as the manipulation or deployment of spiritual and elemental forces against others.  I have since shown that these are actions of men.

Often times, people like Prophet Penuel Mnguni of South Africa (above and in photos below), are allowed to grow in popularity through wrongful acts against others.  But they also grown because the majority of their victims are naive, mentally warped people who are persuaded to believe in the deception of men who morph themselves in a `holy' garb.

These men take advantage of their gullible members and adherents, and commit acts that are almost beyond pardon.  They say one thing and they do another.

One Pastor of a Woolwich based Church lied to the congregation successfully while standing on the Alter that was supposed to be holy. He converted documents that did not bear his name and claimed qualifications he never had. And even worse, he did all of these against a member of his own church.

God's Mercy, surely is long-lasting and his wrath and punishment delayed - at least on those who understand how to manipulate the universe.

But the public should not be left at the mercy of heartless, evil-inducing men, who kill more people and destroy more careers, than the conventional criminal.

It is the reason, men who lie profusely under the banner of religion, while committing horrendous acts against others should be checked. The government must recognise them for whom they are - dangerous and anti-development monsters.

The photo of Prophet Penuel Mnguni of End Times Disciples Ministries went viral on social media. He allegedly gave his congregation live snakes to eat, telling them it would taste like chocolate.

According to the reports citing Ga-Rankuwa police, "the Pretoria-based preacher has been arrested on Sunday and is likely to appear in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of cruelty to animals." Imagine.."Cruelty to animals!" not for the potential health risks and mass deaths that his actions could have actuated.

Someone surely should care more for humans than animals, for the danger and weight of Spiritual terrorism is leans more against humans than animals.

Let us not bit about the bush anymore and confront this evil by properly defining it and setting the legal frameworks for combating it. Spiritual Terrorism is real and it is happening to someone near you, right now. Even feeding a group of people with lives snakes surely qualifies for punishment under existing `anti-social behaviour laws'?

Support my campaign to stop spiritual terrorism now!

Sign the petition here [ GO-PETITION ].

Abuses: all in the name of deliverance.

Abuses: All in the name of deliverance.

He feeds them cloths and everything that runs through his wild imagination.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Conviction of rape-gang expose the ugly side of imported and misapplied culture

by Benson Agoha

The case of these young men, collectively taking turns on a teenage girl has shocked many of us.  The gang who have been handed various jail sentences passed around girls as young as 13 for sex - according to media reports.

While doing so may not be totally novel, doing so on the basis of a particular tradition gives cause for worry.

Reports say, the African men, of Somali origin, were convinced they were doing the right thing and even convinced their victim to so believe, telling her that it was common for men to share girlfriends commonly in their native land.

It maybe one for which the Somalian representatives may very well be expected to speak out, for if this claim is wrong, those boys have clearly used dubious means to take sexual advantage of an under-age child.

Even if it is true, some form of re-education needs be given to people from lands with similar cultures and traditions. They must understand that what is done in one land, is not necessarily to be repeated in another.

Convicted for gang-rape:  claimed it was traditional in Somali land.
Even if the victim had been an adult, it is doubtful if the law would have been silent over such practice.

It is similar to an ugly experience of forcing one to `sleep with somebody' as a pre-condition for favours, and even worse so if such conditions are ordered by custodians of spiritual mediums.

In my 2010 article "SEXUAL THERAPY AS A CONDITION FOR SPIRITUAL SOLUTION" published in my Blog UNMASKED, I explained the danger in the uncontrolled use of sex as condition for getting around issues.

When a culture is fraught with sexual perversion something is seriously wrong and even if we don't exist in the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, sexual profligacy still possess the same consequences as it did in ancient times.

And for all our pride about being modern, classical and more advanced than our ancestors, not even humans have managed to change that.

But it is not just sexual perversion, as even spiritual perversion has negative consequences. When custodians of spirituality manage to convince us to live more by their dictates than by the respect for the rule of law, we run the risk of contravening the law and paying a price for it. But where do the spiritualists end up? They go free because they always play safe, even when they are leading us astray.

Let not my people perish for lack of knowledge, leave alien cultures and traditions where they belong.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Birds And Spiritual Terrorism: Nature As Tool In The Hand Of Spiritualists - Part 2

by Benson Agoha
This unedited video was recorded from my Window in February or March 2011, during the height of nocturnal spiritual or cultic-mystical operation by my former Pastor.
The video, one of the many I recorded during his bogus spiritual operation, was made in an attempt to show the authorities that Spiritual terrorism is an action of man, and it is real.
And more importantly, hopefully convince them that, there should be legal framework, by which abusers of spiritual knowledge, like all other branches of knowledge, can be made accountable for their actions.
My articles in my spirituality blog "Unmasked" was also an attempt to share my, as it seemed unique experience, which exposed me to serious distress and torment, orchestrated  by a man I once called `Pastor'.
Some people never believed my tails, that at mid-night, in the thick of winter, birds will visit the tree opposite my window, chirping away for up to five or 6 hours before they go away.
This and similar other videos which were lost after my computers were stolen, captured the prelude to the colossal unpleasant, degrading and dehumanizing spiritual assault which were eventually carried out by living human beings against me. Each of them thought they were being led by divine powers, whereas they were only following and acting out a script, which had been physically written in the spiritual realm, by a physical human, against another physical human.
The police have never made an arrest, even though I was the victim of a synchronized physical abuse by living humans who often found me an easy target of hate, persecution and verbal abuse. Only, I knew that they were acting a script written by another man.
This video may never give you all the clues that you require but I sincerely hope that it forms the basis for a better understanding of a different aspect of our world today. One in which possessors of rare knowledge are still at liberty to, proudly and destructively wield it against others, destroying in the process, their relationships, careers, families, and in the majority of cases, simply killing them.
* The Black Bird: similar to the one in the video is
highly receptive to spiritual manipulations. 
They simply employ physical order to make changes to, and in an individual's spiritual realm while they sleep - or are unaware.  And then, they sit back and watch it manifest again, achieving their design in form of negative results  in the physical environment.

It is this and other similar insights that have convinced me that in truth, the physical realm takes precedence over every other realm. Or to put it more simply, "it is the physical that controls the spiritual", rather than "the spiritual controlling the physical", as some Christian Ministers have managed to teach their adherents.

If you have any unique experience about the activities of spiritualists that you would like to share, please feel free to write in and share it with us.

To read my first post in which I described the types of birds I observed were being used by my tormentor as a vehicle, please click this link >>> [ BIRDS: NATURE AS TOOL IN THE HANDS OF SPIRITUALISTS UNMASKED  ].


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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Checking Bullies: Why Our Response Matters More Than Their Words

by Benson Agoha

Bullies are provocative, sometimes intimidating and despicable bunch. And it has the potential to become a scourge because it can be infectious.

Bullies often overlook their own short-comings, in their rabid desperation to intimidate or hurt others. Then, they claim it was all for fun. 'Just having a little fun here - looks like you take things too seriously', you could hear them say as they try to placate their way out of indictment.

Of the myriads ob bullies one can experience, the worse among them are mental health bullies. These group, with as much deficiency as anyone else, manage to mask theirs with a translucent veneer of complex they wear for garment, and try to project the opposite. It actually takes little to unmask them.

A few months ago, I met several new faces from the Greenwich Twitter community at this meet-and-greet session. But among the lot was a perfectly masked bully with decadence that an observant person will recognise as a camouflage.

Camouflages are a trigger for alertness but when worn as a uniform, they become fashionable and appealing. If only we remember never to take camouflages at face value.

So this lady projected an image of a conditioned, cultured and well polished city girl who would regard anyone capable of hurting a fly with disdain.

By the time, I left them to it, I had formed an opinion, to 'watch' her. And remained doing it even though we communicated in the days following that first meeting. By the time she 'came out', I was neither surprised nor disappointed.

No one can say exactly what triggers bullying in people, because while some do it for fun, others do it in reaction to the environmental displacement.

When subjected to pressure or other forms of stressful situation, people have been seen to react differently. While some people are as sweet as honey when they have money - or hope to have it, and become monsters when they don't, others have sleep and wake up relishing bullying.

All these abnormal behaviours from bullies show that a normal person can actually behave abnormally and may consequently require a more urgent attention for mental health professionals. Yet, until they take themselves there or are reported, they will carry on, and be seen as 'normal'.

The Home Treatment Team at the Oxleas House have capable mental health professionals who access patients, treat them where necessary and or make necessary recommendations and referrals.

But on the inside wall is a poster with the inscription "Did you know that, as a proven fact, 1 in 4 persons, have mental ill-health?

Very interesting wouldn't you say? But the statement is designed to encourage you to be honest and face reality. It is also designed to provide a psychological boost against bullying.

If you are aware that he who was bullying you faced even worse condition, and still passes off as 'normal', would you take their bullying so seriously? Or simply give it back to them and move on?

Parents should teach their children to develop a strong mental attitude early, which is a potent weapon against the effect of an act that emanate from very cruel, evil minded, ill-conceived and degrading minds.

Teach them to have a sense of self-worth and self-belief. It is this combination that enables you to strengthen your inhibitions so that you are immune to hurtful words and acts of bullies.

The reality of our world is that everybody cannot be cultured - even if you taught them. So, since there certainly will be deviants, it makes sense to prepare children to expect them, and know how to deal with them.

I have received a fair share of slurs and bullying. And actually firstly, I think, heard the word 'wanker' thrown at me from bullies at a Wood Green based shop. I had to ask colleagues for the meaning, and then trivialised it by telling them the abuse was hauled at my back, and not meant for me.

As a Marketing Canvasser with a Home Improvements outfit in welling, I received remarks. Not from colleagues of course, but from a group of fun-seeking lads, presumably bored with nothing to do, chose to drive around after a good meal, and say something unkind to others. That too, I let fall off my 'none-stick' back.

Nothing prepares you better against bullies than knowing what to say back to them and when. And frankly, sometimes, it is not every remark that merits a response.

While visiting the French Southern Provence of Avignon, my host and guide once told me that surviving presence of 2000 year-old single lane Bridge, called St. Julien, was evidence that Europe was also colonised. But he said, they got over it and recovered to rebuild and become world economic and military powers. Then he asked, why can't Africa get over there's?

Of course he got no immediate answer from me, but his thought-provoking question did stir a wave of internal reviews that helped me develop into a more confident African.

But there is nothing good about bullying. It is an anti-social behaviour that insults and degrades people, and which has led to the untimely death of so many hurt souls, who lacked the capacity to tolerate it.

But think of it, why would you help a bully either by crying or taking your own life? Many of those who committed suicide in recent times have been children who have hardly defined their goals in life.

My son was more confident than I ever was as a child, knocked into a confident lad early on by a German Foundation school called SOS Village.

But you never grow up to your parents and everyday I ask myself whether there were things I should have told him, that I didn't. Teach your child the right things about bullies and help them stay alive longer.

The best and the greatest of minds, say they have been bullied, and that is with the statistics not withstanding.

The discovery of the Higgs Bossom was remarkable, but the theory was developed by a man who was bullied earlier on. Imagine if he had given up.

Professor Peter Higgs told the BBC Radio 4 programme that in the early days of his theory, "he was considered a bit more eccentric and may be cranky".

Ok, you may have to operationalise on the words to decide where to place them, but I don't see anything different other than bullying if you are considered strange, weird or an outcast. In the end, it is our response to bullying that really matters.

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Would You Let Your Pet Partner With You During Prayers? Asks Benson Agoha

* Praying or sleeping?

Let's be honest and lets face this question, how many of us would let their pet partner with them during prayers?

I bet a great many of you would say NEVER!.
But, according to Discovery News, "...neurologists and other scientists argue that animals are capable of having spiritual experiences." arguing that "..spiritual experiences originate within primitive parts of the human brain, structures shared by animals."

But how do you prove it? Animals don't speak human language, although they can be thought to understand and obey it.
Some researchers argue that animals are spirit beings too and some of them are receptive to and can actually see further than humans.

But according to, Discovery News, the contenders to this theory, like Kevin Nelson, a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky, "Since only humans are capable of language that can communicate the richness of spiritual experience, it is unlikely we will ever know with certainty what an animal subjectively experiences."

In "God Spelled Backwards" Jean Houston told Lisa Schneider she believes pets are more than just furry friends and can be our spiritual guides and soul companions.

Jean Houston author of "Mystical Dogs," explored the ways in which the dogs in her life have guided her on each stage of the mystic path, say Schneider.

When asked about cats, Dr. Houston said though Cats are very different from dogs, they are "equally evocative of our spiritual depths because "the way they will sit there and look at you and kneed bread on your chest and be so bright and shining. They have a kind of daemonic -- not demonic -- but a daemonic (as in the old Greek) aspect."
She said although Cats are tricksters who play games with us, "like great saints and monks and people like Don Juan are tricksters and fool our expectations and bring us to new ways of being, they, too, are guides.

In `Developing A Spiritual Connection With Your Pet', Allen and Linda Anderson even advises you explore ways to connect with your pet spiritually.

According to them will allow the development of the human-animal relationships to move into greater awareness, enlightenment, and divine love.

But their claim that pets demonstrate spiritual qualities–joy, unconditional love, creativity, gratitude–in abundance may be subject to further scrutiny if one considers the number of attacks on humans by pets - including their owners and owners children with whom they have played together.

But they argue that developing a deeper spiritual connection with your pets will mean using some sacrid practices that will the "allow human-animal relationships to move into greater awareness, enlightenment, and divine love."

These they say include a) Keeping A Pet Gratitude Journal, b) Imagining and Dreaming Together, c) Expressing Affection in Special Ways d) Singing A Spiritual Song and 5) Asking Yourself and Your Pet Why Are We Together?

Considering that a great many of us live alone with our pets, will you partner with your pet for prayers?

Write in and let me know what it feels like.

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Friday, 20 December 2013



"Dear Benson,

I am a Christian. I attend church. I have been going through a nightmare for the last 6 years or so. I have sought prayer and talked to more than one pastor about my ordeal. God led me to seek help online and I found you (your article titled "Spiritual terrorism a further highlight" on unmasked blog). I think that this is spiritual terrorism. I am very healthy, thank God. I am taking no medication. I think that someone is under assignment to disturb my spirit and I have suspected people close to me.

The details are too vast to write online, but I am experiencing some of the things you mentioned, like manipulation. For instance, I get constant signs get [sic] and wonders. Unclean dreams, slowed down memory. Many different attacks. I have sought prayer and help but this situation has occurred for almost six years now. I feel like I am desperate. I feel like I am at wits end. I have also been border line suicidal. I will appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you in advance. Kindly, Sabrina, NY, USA."

And Benson responds:...

Dear Sabrina,

Many things can be responsible for slowdown in memory. Your medical doctor will usually advise you better on this. so you will be better advised to consult with them.

For example, if you are stressed or overworked, or you have been under any form of medication that causes allergies such as drowsiness.

When we experience drowsiness and become weak and sleepy, our brains tend to play tricks on us and makes us dream a lot - much of which do not really bear actual resemblance to what might be physically happening around us.

In that case, it is best to ignore these `pictures', get help by seeing your physician and if it is due to a medication, he will know what to do or whether to recommend another drug to debase it or stop it altogether. In that case, it is best not to attribute it to spiritual terrorism.

But if you attend a Mosque, Temple, Spiritual Shrines, Pentecostal churches, or indulge in much spiritual activities or exercises, it is then we can begin to analyse to see what could be responsible for the intensity around your spiritual life.

As for feeling suicidal, I would recommend you banish it from your thoughts and see a psychotherapist. Your doctor should be able to recommend a good one.

Nevertheless, as explained in my articles, Spiritual terrorism are actions of men, but you don't become a victim except someone close to you feels they have a good reason to torment you, or frustrate you or kill you. So it is something that builds up gradually (except in some very unusual cases where an authority figure is waging a selfish `holy' war and targets people, anyone, who comes within the coverage of his radar at the time).

You need to review your experience and see if you actually still suspect you are being mind-controlled by some power against your will. If you are receiving consistent instructions of what to do or how to live your life without you actually indulging in active prayer, spiritual manipulation can be suspected and there is someone around who is responsible.

Sometimes, they are people we have trusted to much and who appear so dependable to us that we let down our guard around them.

To be sure whether you are experiencing spiritual manipulation, you have to do a self-examination. Think back to the time that you had always felt in charge of your life - when you are in control and planned your life and followed your plans.

If after self-examination, you still feel confident your spiritual rights are being violated, and you are being mind-controlled and manipulated, or tortured, held back by strange powers and prevented from doing what you had always been able to do when you were in control of your life, I would like to invite you to sign my petition against the evil of Spiritual Terrorism. Please copy and paste the link. It does not ask much of signatories - just name and country of residence.

Here is the link: [GO-PETITION.]

Back to your question, before I continue, I have to warn you that till date, there is not as yet known laws promulgated to confront and control this monster, called spiritual terrorism - an action of man, where spiritual hooligans and some heartless authority figures hijack, control, manipulate, project dreams, frustrate, stagnate, torture, or kill others - just because they can. And even worse, because they know they can get away with it, due to lack of legal provisions.

Still, this is not to say that with strong evidence, Police are usually unable to act. Indeed, on the contrary, instances abound where Police have acted to caution perpetrators under anti-social behaviour charges.

So in addressing this issue, my objectives have always been to:

A)Create awareness of this evil and it's destructive tendencies.

B)Encourage victims to speak out and not bottle it up and suffer in silence.

C)And by so doing, persuade government to devise official legal frameworks for tracking and bring perpetrators to book, knowing that such government moves will produce cumulative positive results to either deter them or prosecute them.

D)As well as to clamp down on the suppliers of spiritually weaponized and dangerous portions to amateurs under an indefensible protection needs, knowing that they will use it to kill others, even though they are aware that government spends massively to keep people alive in hospitals.

I believe that to institutionally create a legal framework monitor, assess and investigate complaints of spiritual torture will help save lives, by deterring perpetrators and or by prosecuting those against whom overriding evidence have been advanced by their victims.

I estimate that wastages of people's lives, careers and or their relations, will see about 70% reduction, not the least because people will be jailed, but also because more people will be encouraged to speak out and not bottle it up and die in silence, thereby tightening the screw against evil doers and forcing many to abandon that somewhat easy route to settling personal scores.

For victims who have done a self examination and feel certain they are being spiritual tortured, or victimised by known contacts, my recommendations are as follow:

1) develop as a first move, a strong mental attitude, knowing that it an evil you are not ready or willing to put up with or allow to defeat you.

2) rediscover and embrace and guard or protect the positive values you always held close to your heart and which had seen you feel in control of your life before they started tormenting you.

3) stay alert and be watchful and observant of your environment - including close friends, relatives, peers, religious leaders, your landlords or your agents. In fact, anyone whom you know has access to you, either physically or through long distance communication means by telephone.

4) be determined to expose whatever and whomever you feel convinced is responsible and don't prevaricate, delay or try to protect them.

5) report them to the authorities - your doctors, the council, the police and governmental agencies.

6) do not be afraid and don't hold back from making known your experience and why you suspect them. These people are killing people everyday and yet, they come out the next day, pretending and getting away with it.

7) Do not try to predetermine what the police will or will not do. Or what your health adviser or council case worker will or will not do. They are trained to listen to different complaints of anti-social behaviour and will know what to do about them.

8) Many of them taking advantage of others, by abusing women and children, subjecting them to sexual abuse. You can see how many cases are being reported everyday.

9) Talk about your experiences with your health professional, who will decide whether to arrange a meeting with appropriate health professionals.

Sometimes, doctors say victims of spiritual terrorism are delusional. Do no worry about this, but be free to tell them all you experience and whom you suspect.

They may recommend you visit the mental health unit of a hospital under the supervision of a government agent. This is not a bad thing. Feel free to go there and attend all appointments with assessors, but make sure you point out that you know whom is responsible and why.

They may arrange for many assessors to talk to you, but only because they are checking for consistency of your conviction.

Feel free to write in and share your story with me any time as the research on this evil is on-going and trying to find out appropriate ways to help other victims.

There was a point in Brazil where spiritual terrorists shot needles into the body of a little child but with his parents being alert and insisting they knew the culprits, police was able to arrest them.

Below, please read my ariticle on the issue:




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