Thursday, 23 July 2015

Another Case That Calls For Spiritual Terrorism Control Laws

by Benson Agoha | Opinion 

South African Preacher Who Fed His Congregation Snakes Must Be Recognised As A Spiritual Terrorist

Africans say they are spiritual - more spiritual in fact they claim than other races. It will remain contestable, but when this pastor, known for doing strange and weird things - fed his members with snakes, authorities knew it was time to act.

Reports out of South Africa says the preacher, who seen in the photo above feeding his congregation snake was been arrested by the police.

The inability of authorities to act against such men who commit atrocious activities against the vulnerable have been largely due to the fact such activities have not been recognised as a part of the evil called `spiritual terrorism.'

Spiritual terrorism is one huge challenge for every government, largely because it is the action of man.

In previous articles, I have argued and explained why a great majority of what happens `mysteriously' to people are caused `physically' by others or themselves, hiding and indulging in activities they are potentially dangerous to society.

Spiritual terrorism is defined simply as the manipulation or deployment of spiritual and elemental forces against others.  I have since shown that these are actions of men.

Often times, people like Prophet Penuel Mnguni of South Africa (above and in photos below), are allowed to grow in popularity through wrongful acts against others.  But they also grown because the majority of their victims are naive, mentally warped people who are persuaded to believe in the deception of men who morph themselves in a `holy' garb.

These men take advantage of their gullible members and adherents, and commit acts that are almost beyond pardon.  They say one thing and they do another.

One Pastor of a Woolwich based Church lied to the congregation successfully while standing on the Alter that was supposed to be holy. He converted documents that did not bear his name and claimed qualifications he never had. And even worse, he did all of these against a member of his own church.

God's Mercy, surely is long-lasting and his wrath and punishment delayed - at least on those who understand how to manipulate the universe.

But the public should not be left at the mercy of heartless, evil-inducing men, who kill more people and destroy more careers, than the conventional criminal.

It is the reason, men who lie profusely under the banner of religion, while committing horrendous acts against others should be checked. The government must recognise them for whom they are - dangerous and anti-development monsters.

The photo of Prophet Penuel Mnguni of End Times Disciples Ministries went viral on social media. He allegedly gave his congregation live snakes to eat, telling them it would taste like chocolate.

According to the reports citing Ga-Rankuwa police, "the Pretoria-based preacher has been arrested on Sunday and is likely to appear in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of cruelty to animals." Imagine.."Cruelty to animals!" not for the potential health risks and mass deaths that his actions could have actuated.

Someone surely should care more for humans than animals, for the danger and weight of Spiritual terrorism is leans more against humans than animals.

Let us not bit about the bush anymore and confront this evil by properly defining it and setting the legal frameworks for combating it. Spiritual Terrorism is real and it is happening to someone near you, right now. Even feeding a group of people with lives snakes surely qualifies for punishment under existing `anti-social behaviour laws'?

Support my campaign to stop spiritual terrorism now!

Sign the petition here [ GO-PETITION ].

Abuses: all in the name of deliverance.

Abuses: All in the name of deliverance.

He feeds them cloths and everything that runs through his wild imagination.

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